IBM Z Xplore - Cultural harmony - COBOL and JSON, together.


In this blog post you can find clues and the correct answers to solve the course. I advise you to first try to solve the course yourself then look at the clues, and then the answers.

This is NOT a step to step guide how to solve the challenge, you should do it yourself.

You can find the PDF for this challange here: COBOL-JSON PDF

If you want to see how i solve the challanges in this course you can check my youtube video out. You can find my youtube video here:



Step 5

There is a syntax error in the code and there is a function missing as you can see on the picture below.

Step 9

The error you are looking for is in the JCL file.

Step 11

The error you are looking for is in the JCL file (you should convert it from text to html).

Step 16

You need to Add “$” to something in the COBOL file.

Step 17

What can store images?


Before you check answers try to solve it yourself first!

Step 5

The line is indented on the “if”.

“INTERGER-OF-DATE” is the correct answer.

Compute todays-date-int =
function INTEGER-OF-DATE(todays-date)

Step 9

You should add this line on row 18 in the JCL file.


Step 11

You should modify the line from ‘TEXT’ to ‘HTML’ in the JCL file.


Step 16

Add “$” in front of currencies.

Step 17

This step is vaguely explained but should be enought for you to complete the step.

1) Remove the picture link.

2) Add “prod-img” to “inv-records”

3) Add “productimg” to “data items for currenccies”

4) Find this code “initialize flyer-file” then add “productimg” to that string and also to the else string.

 Initialize flyer-file
                 If flyerformat = 'TEXT' then
                    String productimg productname saleprice
                       " Was: " pricefrmt
                        delimited by size
                    into flyer-file
                      htmltablestart productimg htmlprice saleprice
                      htmldiscount discount htmlproduct productname
                      htmloldprice pricefrmt htmltableend
                      delimited by size
                  into flyer-file
                 Write flyer-file
              Add 1 to inv-rec-cnt

Step 18

Now you should have completed the HTML document. You can now copy paste the code, create a new member called cobol.html and paste the code into that file.

Please let me know if something is wrong!

updated_at 24-07-2020